Minetest for Education

Why Minetest?

Free of Charge

Minetest is developed by an international network of volunteer developers. You don't have to pay a license fee.

Easy Scripting

Minetest is not a game itself, but instead provides a Lua API which is used to create games and mods. This makes creation and customisation super easy.

Customisable without Limits

You are not restricted by any EULA, and have full access to the source code. Minetest is available under the LGPLv2.1+ license.

Runs well on old hardware

Minetest is written in a computer language that makes more efficient use of hardware, allowing more schools to be able to experience interactive virtual learning.


Minetest is not associated with any company or commercial entity, which can make it more suitable for adoption in organisations where this is a problem.

Friendly Community

You can find help with any problems on our forums or IRC channels.

The above is based on the responses of educators using Minetest.



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