Core Team

The core team consists of contributors with special privileges and responsibilities.

Core developers decide what can be added to Minetest by voting for and against pull requests. They also have commit access to the Minetest team's repositories on GitHub. Learn more.

Active Core Developers

Active Core Team Members

  • Zughy [Issue triager]

Previous Core Developers

  • BlockMen
  • Maciej Kasatkin (RealBadAngel) [RIP]
  • Lisa Milne (darkrose)
  • proller
  • Ilya Zhuravlev (xyz)
  • PilzAdam
  • est31
  • kahrl
  • Ryan Kwolek (kwolekr)
  • sapier
  • Zeno
  • Auke Kok (sofar)
  • Aaron Suen
  • paramat
  • Pierre-Yves Rollo
  • Jude Melton-Houghton [Optimizations, bugfixes]


Also see the complete lists of Minetest and Minetest Game contributors.


  • Wuzzy [Features, translations, devtest]
  • Lars Müller [Lua optimizations and fixes]
  • paradust7 [Performance, fixes, Irrlicht refactoring]
  • Desour [Fixes]
  • ROllerozxa [Main menu]
  • savilli [Bugfixes]
  • Lexi Hale [Particlespawner animation]
  • Liso [Shadow Mapping]
  • JosiahWI [Fixes, build system]
  • numzero [Graphics and rendering]
  • HybridDog [Fixes]
  • NeroBurner [Joystick]
  • pecksin [Clickable web links]
  • Daroc Alden [Fixes]
  • Jean-Patrick Guerrero (kilbith) [Fixes]


  • Nils Dagsson Moskopp (erlehmann) [Minetest logo]
  • red-001
  • Giuseppe Bilotta
  • ClobberXD
  • Dániel Juhász (juhdanad)
  • MirceaKitsune
  • MoNTE48
  • Constantin Wenger (SpeedProg)
  • Ciaran Gultnieks (CiaranG)
  • Paul Ouellette (pauloue)
  • stujones11
  • srifqi
  • Rogier
  • Gregory Currie (gregorycu)
  • JacobF
  • Jeija

More information can be found at Open Hub.

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