Subgames form a foundation for the game. Different subgames have different objectives – such as survival, building, or player vs. player. Usually Minetest comes with Minetest Game, which supplies the default items.

Popular subgames

More subgames are available on the forum. Also see the WIP subgames section.


Mods (or modifications) are changing the game content from what it originally was. Mostly they add new features to gameplay, but can also change or remove existing content.

All content in the game, including tools, blocks, and items, are added to the game using Lua mod plugins. Minetest comes with a collection of these plugins by default in a set called Minetest Game.

Learn how to install and use mods.

Popular mods

More mods are available on our forums. Also see the WIP mods section.

Texture packs

Find more texture packs on the forums.