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Have a look at our Getting Started, FAQ and Tutorial pages on our wiki.

You may also want to look at some subgames. Subgames form a foundation for the game using Lua scripts. Different subgames have different objectives, such as survival, building or Player vs Player.
Usually Minetest comes with minetest_game, to supply the default items and blocks.

Changelog from 0.4.12 to 0.4.13

Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10)

MinGW builds:


Unofficial builds

Get the latest development version of Minetest from builds made by community members. These builds are more recent than the officially released builds and contain new features (may cost stability).


Daily / Unstable

If you have packaged Minetest for another distribution contact us so that we can link to it.


Latest: Morn76's Minetest OS X Mavericks builds (newer than 0.4.9)

homebrew ( brew install homebrew/games/minetest.
Unofficial. Append –HEAD parameter to get latest version

These forum topics may also be helpful: [1] [2]


Notice: The Android versions of Minetest have not been updated to 0.4.13, please stand by.

Android versions of Minetest are still in development and have bugs

You can also install it easily on the Google Play Store or in F-Droid

Note: Please do not download unofficial Minetest builds from the Google Play app store. The builds found there may contain excessive adverts or spyware. They may be distributed under proprietary terms, without the source code, which makes them illegal. They may be old or unsupported.


There is a FreeBSD port.

You can compile minetest and minetest_game from sources or use pkg (FreeBSD 9.1 and newer).

Compilation method

You can compile minetest and choose easily minetest options using the FreeBSD port dialogs.

cd /usr/ports/games/minetest
make install
cd /usr/ports/games/minetest_game
make install

Package method

FreeBSD official packages have their own pre-built packages.

pkg install minetest minetest_game


Source code

The Minetest engine source code is at github.
You will probably want minetest_game. Put the game in your games directory.

See README.txt for details on how to compile.